June 16th: Jain Temple Tour

Jain Temple Tours, Saturday June 16th

Meet at 9:30 am at KMS office, leave KMS at 9:45am

Saryoo Shah, a member of the Shwetamber sect of Jainism will lead us on an in depth tour of two Jain temples. The first temple we will visit is her own temple, the Shwetamber Jain Temple (on Limuru Rd). The second temple is a Digamber Jain Temple, and is near the first. Shwetamber and Digamber are 2 sects of the Jain religion.  The Shwetamber  “white – clad” monks wear white clothes, and worship practice includes offering flowers or fruits.  The idols are also decorated.   Digamber “sky-clad” monks do not wear clothes, which is the reason their idols are not decorated.   Saryoo will discuss the architecture of each temple.

Come learn about this and more, as well as getting the chance to visit these two temple that are not normally open to the public!

Cost –

Members: Adults 500, Children 200

Non Members: Adults 600, Children 300

Not included – Transport


Note – Out of respect for the Jain whom we will be visiting please follow the guidelines listed below:

Please wear clean clothes (just washed)

Please do not wear any leather

Please refrain from eating in the temple

Anyone who is bleeding, whether a bodily function, or because they are hurt

should refrain from entering the temple


Lena Sands, KMS Day Trips Outing Coordinator


0707 180548