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The Kenya Museum Society (KMS) is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 1970 to support and promote the National Museums of Kenya.  You are invited to join the Society and find out more about Kenya, its people, history, prehistory, nature and culture. KMS organises regular activities for members, including weekend safaris within Kenya and the surrounding countries and day outings to places in and around Nairobi. KMS also offers special events for children, lectures/films and second hand book sales. The principal fundraiser is the annual Affordable Art Show, typically held on the last weekend of October.  All proceeds from all events support the National Museums of Kenya.| Read more…

KMS events and activities

Members of KMS are invited to regular lectures and film screenings, weekend/holiday safaris in Kenya and surrounding countries, day outings in and around Nairobi, and special children’s activities.

Enjoy book, gift and souvenir shopping at the KMS Shop

The KMS Shop at the Nairobi National Museum offers a unique collection of books about Kenya’s and East Africa’s wildlife, nature, history, prehistory, literature and culture. The shop also sells locally inspired souvenirs …

Membership benefits

Besides access to society events and activities, KMS members receive monthly society newsletters and the annual Kenya Past & Present journal. Every membership purchased contributes to the funds raised for the Nat…

Did you know?

KMS members receive free entrance to the Nairobi National Museum and most regional museums,and book discounts at the KMS shop in the Nairobi National Museum.

Activities and Events

KMS organizes exciting, fun-filled and interesting day outings to places in and around Nairobi, as well as safaris within Kenya and the surrounding countries throughout the year. We also offer special events for kids, evening lectures/films and second hand book sale.

Our activities are for members only, but you can become a member at the time of booking to qualify.