Saturday, May 26th 2012: KMS Day Trip – Artists Studio Tour at Kuona Trust

There has been a slight change in the upcoming day trip to KUONA TRUST.

Rather than an exhibition by Gor Sudan, the exhibition will include the work of all the artists at Kuona. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

If we get enough people to come we will be able to have an artist’s demonstration, showcasing either found objects or silk screen printing. So please encourage your friends to sign up!

I am extending the payment deadline to May 26th, the day of the tour, as it has come to my attention how much easier this is for participants.

Meet at 9:50 am at Kuona Trust

Kuona Trust Location: Likoni Close, Likoni Lane, Off Dennis Pritt Road, Hurligham

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you,


Lena Sands
Costume Designer
+254 (0) 707180548