Lake Turkana and Koobi Fora safari – 22 December – 2 January

This expedition to Lake Turkana and the Museum site at Koobi Fora will be a 12 day trip. We shall have a mix of vehicles. There will be a truck from Gametrackers which can seat  20 persons comfortably. It will also carry tents, mattresses, stools, tables and all the food, the cook , as well as the armed security guards. Those who wish to take their own vehicles can do so. These must be sturdy 4WD cars with high clearance. But these cars will have to carry their own fuel from Marsabit to Koobi Fora and back to Loyangelani. And their own drinking water.



Route – Nairobi – Isiolo – Archers Post – Laisamis – Marsabit – Kalacha – North Horr –  Koobi Fora.

Koobi Fora – Loyangelani –  Baragoi – South Horr – Ngurunit – Laisamis – Shaba – Nairobi

Tentative cost – Basic cost about 58,000pp. Those in their own vehicles will pay less. Included are 3 meals a day, all camping equipment and transport.

Camping fees or bandas are paid by the participants as they go along.

Koobi Fora is in Sibiloi National Park. Residents pay 500ksh per day and citizens pay 200sh.

On top of this you will pay a non-refundable fee of 6,000ksh to KMS. A further 4,500pp is your contribution  towards the armed security guards, a tip for the driver (who is also the expert road guide) and a tip for the cook.

The non-refundable fee will be paid on signing the participants list (before 15th November). The trip cost will be paid by Monday 21st November.

In early December there will be a meeting of fully paid participants to discuss details. Venue to be announced later.

Do not hesitate to call me if you need further details.

Narinder Heyer

Mobile: 0733 704265,  0721 718590