Kenyan Film – Butterfly People: The Samburu of Nothern Kenya

Butterfly People- Film Poster


Saturday 16 November 2013
Louis Leakey Auditorium, Nairobi National Museum

Please join us at the Kenya Museum Society for a relaxing Saturday afternoon, watching Butterfly People, a short, spectacular and insightful documentary, about the Samburu of northern Kenya.

The Samburu people of northern Kenya have, for centuries, followed a pastoral life. Their culture evolved into an age-grade system, wherein rites of passage were marked by complex rituals and ceremonies. Within the system, the turning point for every Samburu is circumcision, its purpose being to create a new generation of warriors, traditional protectors of the tribe. Circumcisions take place rarely, their timing determined by the stars.
Set against a background of varied and magnificent scenery, the film, made by Rhodia Mann, who was adopted into a Samburu family, begins with Rhodia’s personal involvement with the family. Through the life story of her Samburu ‘mother’, she blends historical fact with folklore and mythology to give a history of the people, as far as it is known. The story takes us from the past into the present, and ultimately to the fascinating circumcision ceremonies of 2005.
Rhodia is also a bead specialist and author. Her books will be on sale at the event.

Refreshments 3.15pm Starts 4:00 pm
Donation: Ksh 400 KMS member
Ksh 500 Guest
Ksh 200 Student
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