Kenya Bird Map half day workshop – Saturday 4 July 2015


Kenya Bird Map half day workshop
By Washington Wachira – Project Manager

Saturday 4 July 2015, 8.00am
Louis Leakey Auditorium, Nairobi National Museum

The Kenya Bird Map ( is an internet-based bird distribution database that employs citizen science to map the location of birds and describe their distribution in real time.

Bird distributions have changed over the intervening period, primarily because of habitat destruction and noticeable changes in long-term weather patterns, although it’s not known to what extent.

By pooling the efforts of many citizen scientists, the Kenya Bird Map will record the distributions of Kenya’s birds and in so doing, provide a powerful tool for conservation.

With data available for free, the atlas can be conveniently used by researchers, tourists, policy-makers, etc

Expected Impacts

• An early warning system for environmental change by tracking changes in bird distribution and relating them to environmental degradation, climate change, etc.

• Tracking of the timing and patterns of bird migration

• Monitoring population sizes and trends of threatened and endemic bird species

• Provide evidence of bird species’ abundances in Kenya

KBM may also encourage development of atlases for other taxa, such as reptiles, mammals, butterflies, etc.


There are limited spaces, so please register by Thursday 2 July 2015

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