Geology Safari – “Field trip to the central Rift Valley”

A Geology Tour – Sleeping Warrior Camp

27-28 February, 2016

“We will see evidence of the various forces that have shaped these spectacular landscapes; tectonic and volcanic activity, the former existence of large freshwater lakes, and erosion by wind and water. Tectonic forces have formed the steep slopes called ‘fault scarps’ that define the rift valley and later created smaller faults in the valley floor. Volcanic activity has created lava flows and central volcanoes, ranging from the big ‘caldera volcanoes’ like Suswa and Longonot to younger, smaller cones including the cone cluster south of Lake Elmenteita. Cooler climates over the last million years allowed large freshwater lakes to form in the rift valley floor, which left thick deposits of the soft white rock diatomite, for example surrounding the Kariandusi prehistoric site. Erosion by running water has cut a network of gullies in the soft volcanic materials that form the outer slopes of Longonot and has picked out fault lines through several of the smaller volcanic cones. In our two day trip, we will begin to understand how these landscapes have evolved, and maybe get a sense of how they will continue to evolve in future millenia.

Dr. Celia Nyamweru (Geologist)

Cost: 13,800 ksh pp sharing

Included- FB for 24 hours

Not included – Transport and park entry to Soysambu Sanctuary. The camp may charge extra for the walk through the crater as you are accompanied by armed rangers.

Carry a picnic lunch for Saturday.

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