Dreams in a Time of War – A Childhood Memoir

Dreams in a Time of War – A Childhood Memoir
by Ngugi wa Thiong’o

In Dreams in a Time of War, Ngugi skillfully etches a bygone era, bearing witness to the social and political vicissitudes of life under colonialism and war.
It gives it’s readers an unforgettable sense of another time, a country and a continent in the middle of change – a small child learns to hold onto his dreams, even in a time of war. Luminously evokes Kenya on the cusp of independence… this memoir is suffused with affecting evocations of time and place, as well as a touching reminder that dreams can be true.
A son of a man whose four wives bore him more than a score of children, young Ngugi displayed what was then considered a bizarre thirst for learning, yet it was unimaginable that he would grow up to become a world-renowned novelist, playwright and critic.
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