Christmas trip – Tana Delta and Tsavo East

Christmas trip – Tana Delta and Tsavo East
December 24 – January 1
This will be a super safari to a game park as well as the coast. The highlight is the Tana delta. It is an awesome place – a vast area of wetlands and coastal forest. Thousands of migrant birds pass over this coastal area, hence it is an important Bird Area of international significance. The river has perhaps the largest concentrations of hippo and crocodile. You can also have long, lovely walks among the sand dunes. Coastal people are very friendly and the area very safe.
We shall take a boat ride up the river to see the huge hippo pods. This is a full day’s trip. You can also hire a boat to go around the sandy islands in the delta which are exposed at low tide.
We shall stay at the Tana Delta lodge. These are beautiful cottages perched on cliffs overlooking the ocean. They serve excellent Italian food. The sea here is not suitable for swimming but we shall spend three nights in Malindi where you can swim.
24 Dec – Depart Nairobi at 7am. Spend the day in Tsavo East. Arrive at camp late afternoon.
25 Dec – Full day in Tsavo East. Late afternoon walk along the river to see crocodile. If there is no time you can do that early morning of 26 Dec.
26 Dec – Depart for Malindi. Lunch in Malindi. Arrive at Tana Delta lodge late afternoon.
27 Dec – Walk in Kipini. It was District HQ in colonial times and has some buildings and a cemetery of historic interest. Late afternoon you can take a walk in the dunes.
28 Dec – A full day’s boat ride up the river to see the hippo, crocodile and generally enjoy the river.
29 Dec – Depart for Malindi. We shall stop at a couple of interesting places on the way. Arrive in Malindi in the afternoon.
30 Deac – Visit Sabaki river delta. It is another fascinating place of water channels, dunes and hundreds of birds. We may even see hippo. Afternoon exploring Malindi.
31 Dec – Visit to Mida Creek. This is a small sanctuary. Accompanied by a guide, we shall explore the fascinating world of mangroves. Then watch the tide come in. This is an extraordinary moment. The water comes in very silently and rapidly and thousands of birds fly in its wake to land in the sanctuary. There is a community owned restaurant which serves a simple lunch of fresh fish. If there is time we shall also visit nearby Arabuko Sokoke forest.
1 Jan – Depart for Nairobi. You can also extend your visit to the coast if you wish.
Included – FB in Tsavo and at the Tana Delta. Bed and Breakfast in Malindi.
Price – Not known yet. I have the prices up to 28 Dec, but hotel owners in Malindi are reluctant to commit themselves this early. Last year the price for this trip was 45,000ksh and I think I will be able to keep it the same this year.

Kindly book early as this is the Christmas season.
Contacts: 0724255 299, 2339158 or info@kenyamuseumsociety