Day Outing – Behind the scenes visit to Archaeology Section of the National Museums of Kenya

Saturday 20 August 2016

Behind the scenes visit to Archaeology Section of the National Museums of Kenya

Hours: 10 am – 12 pm

The Archaeology Section of the National Museums of Kenya has collections dating to the 1920s when the first artifacts were stored by Louis and Mary Leakey. In the beginning the artifacts were simply brought in by farmers who collected them around their farms, but who also reported interesting sites. This is how the initial sites were recorded, and the excavations that followed yielded many more artifacts, which in turn provided a glimpse into the numbers and variety of sites and artifacts to be found in Kenya.

Today the Section houses many thousands of objects; stone tools, stone bowls, human and other animal bones, pottery, beautiful beads that tell an interesting story of the humans who inhabited this part of the continent- their economic activities, their diet, their religion and ritual, and best of all, their technological skills that have shaped the world as we see it today.

Kenya’s currently boasts the world’s oldest stone tools dated 3.3m and the oldest Ostrich egg shell beads in Africa at 40,000 years. In between these two dates, hominids produced many more artifacts that you can only see here.

Join us on a visit to see this collection of archaeological artifacts, and ‘meet’ objects that were made by our ancestors many millions of years ago.

KMS Members – Adult Ksh 850, Child Ksh 400

Guests – Adult Ksh 1,050, Child Ksh 500

Payment: Mpesa paybill, Business No: 400800, Account: 6571570019

RSVP: 0724 255 299, 2339158 or

Some of the proceeds made will go towards development of the Earth Sciences various projects.

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